Getting A Mortgage

Getting a mortgage can be a long, stressful, tedious process. Finding all the documents you need, paystubs, previous tax records and so much more. However, it doesn’t need to be. I can help you to get started. I will go through the application with you and submit it to the support banker. We will help you get the best possible mortgage rate and the best mortgage to fit your needs. Call me, lets get started.

Verified Pre-Approval Letter

We at Rocket Mortgage offer something you can not get anywhere else, a verified pre-approval letter. Most pre-approval letter have a list of conditions, things that still need to be verified, like credit, income, tax records, assets and more. Here at Rocket Mortgage we do all that up front. So when you make an offer, the seller knows you are ready to go straight to underwriting, giving you an advantage over all the other buyer offers.

Documents You’ll Need

As you locate and organize your documents, cross-check your stack of paperwork against this checklist to make sure your lender will have all the information they need:

 2 years of tax returns
 W-2s from the past 2 years
 Recent pay stubs
 1099 forms and profit and loss statements for self-employed individuals
 Divorce decrees verifying alimony and child support payments
 Proof of social security or disability income
 Bank account statements
 Stock or bond account statements
 Retirement account statements
 Proof of gift funds and gift letters
 Documents for the sale of assets
 Proof of outstanding, long-term debts
 Letters of explanation for credit mishaps
 Documented rent payments for current renters

Of course, you’ll also need to assemble your actual mortgage application, which will include additional information about your current financial standings and the real estate you’re looking to purchase. Similar to other large purchases, your lender will likely verify your identity with a photo ID, so it’s a good idea to have one readily available with the rest of your documents.